Brad, Mel and Val

Brad, Mel and Val
by Van Allen Photography, Kannapolis

Monday, November 9, 2009


So I got off shift this morning and planned to work on the hydrant project until about 2:00 today. First thing this morning Chief Allen told me I got picked for a random drug test so I had to go waste an hour and half doing that. Then I came back to Station 3 to get the hydrant stuff and the pick-up and stupid thing was dead as hammer! AHHH! The curse of the hydrants! Luckily, our mechanic was there so he jumped it off...what a morning! Finally, we got out in the streets to tag some hydrants and the &^$%# Trimble unit wouldn't work! Waste of a day! So frustrating!
Valerie makes it all go away when I go pick her up from preschool though! She's so happy to see me and makes my day!

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