Brad, Mel and Val

Brad, Mel and Val
by Van Allen Photography, Kannapolis

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Losing Our Cinnamon

Friday, the 27th, we had to make the difficult decision to let our Dalmatian, Cinnamon, go. She would have been 10 next week. She was in cardiovascular failure and had fluid in her lungs and abdominal cavity. Dr. Julian said that we could treat with meds and IVs, but she felt like Cinnamon would not survive the treatment. As hard as it was, we know that we made the right decision to end her suffering. I'm not sure Valerie really understands where Cinnamon is, she knows that we buried her in the backyard...she assured us that "she won't get muddy." We explained that she was very sick and has gone to heaven to be with Jesus. I'm curious when she will ask about her. We miss her very much.

Messages from friends:

Shanna NickelsonIm so sorry u all!!!!!

Fri at 1:49pm · Eric EarnhardtI really hate to hear that Mel. I'll never forget how she would smile at me when I came over. We'll say a prayer ya'll. Love all of you!!

Fri at 1:52pm · Debra Evans CressSo very sorry to hear this.....Dalmations have been in your family SO LONG.......

Fri at 1:54pm · Dana PalosMel, I'm so sorry! I loved Cinnamon! :( We're thinking of you and hope that all your happy memories with her bring you comfort. We love you guys!

Fri at 2:10pm · Trina MillerMelanie I am so sorry! I know how much she meant to your family! :(

Fri at 2:15pm · DeleteKirk BeardReally sorry to hear about that. I know how much we get attached to our pets :(

Fri at 2:21pm · Lynne MillerI'm so sorry Melanie. I know what it's like. They're not just our pets, but they're our family and I know in the case of mine, they're like the other children I never was able to have. I don't know if you believe in it or not, but I've always liked to think they've gone to the Rainbow Bridge where they're running and playing and healthy and will be waiting on us one day to return to them. My prayers are with you.

Fri at 2:40pm · Tracy OrphanoudakisSorry to hear that Mel. I know 2 years ago when we had to put down Blitz, Georgia took that really hard but she went with Andy and stayed with him when we put him down. He was about 15-17 years old.

Fri at 3:53pm · Leslie Oglesby PipanSo sorry, Melanie!

Fri at 3:59pm · Lisa D StimsonAWW, Sorry to hear that. i lost mine in july.. on my birthday, i still miss her but i know shes happy and whole again

Fri at 4:41pm · Tina Cline PottsSorry to hear! I know you all will miss her dearly!

Fri at 5:49pm · Stephanie ErwinYou know we loved our smiling, sneezing girl - remember, Ivy's half your's...

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  1. It's so hard. I know you're sad, and it's weird to not really 'see' the reaction in the little ones. Taylor Anne and Anderson took it so well when we had to put Colby down last year - it was really surprising. I know you guys had some great memories with Cinnamon. Hugs!